Frequently Asked Questions about Wet and Wild Rentals


Do I need a reservation to rent?

Yes, reservations are required, but can be done the same day if equipment is available.

What do I need to make a reservation?

When you make your reservation we will need the date, time, quantity of equipment and credit card for damage deposit.

What is your cancellation policy?

For ATV’s we require 72 hours from the time of rental to cancel, unless the cancellation is due to inclement weather. At that time, we will reschedule for another date. (Cloudy skies don’t count for bad weather). If having to cancel after the 72 time frame, there will be loss of deposit. If canceled within 24 hours of rental, customer will still be responsible for full charges, and loss of deposit.

For Campers, we require 7 days from the time of rental to cancel with no charge. If you have to cancel, with no reschedule date, you will be at loss of deposit of $200.00. If canceled within 24 hours of date of rental, customer will still be responsible for full charges, and damage deposit.

How old do I need to be to rent?

For ATV rentals you must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to rent. For campers rentals, you must be 25 years or older to rent, with valid driver’s license.

Is gas included in the rental?

No, gas is not included. You only pay for what you use. The equipment comes to you full of gas, so upon return it is filled back up to determine how much gas you used.

Do I have to clean the ATV when I bring it back?

Yes, We will provide you with a clean, well running ATV, and expect the same in return. We recommend finding a self car wash, or washing off with a pressure washer at home before returning to avoid extra charges, and to ensure you get your full deposit refunded.

Do you deliver?

Yes, our mission is to make playing outdoors convenient to you. We will deliver within 100 miles of our location. Depending on the equipment rented, and the distance, will dictate the cost of delivery.  (Please ask if needing delivery further)

Do you have ATV trails to ride the four wheelers on?

No, but we have many great trails we can recommend for you, or we can deliver.

Do the ATV rentals come with a trailer?

No, but we do have trailers available at NO extra cost by request.

Do the four wheeler rentals come with a helmet?

Helmets are available for an additional $15 per helmet.

Do you offer half day rentals for ATV’s?

No, because we are not located on riding trails, all rentals are a 1 day minimum rental.

What is the damage deposit?

ATV damage deposit starts at $200 per ATV depending on equipment, and duration of time of rental  Campers, also have a damage deposit of $200. Please note, once we refund a deposit it is up to your bank to dictate the amount of time before your funds are available to you.

Do you have to have a Texas Drivers License to rent?

No, any valid Drivers License will work.



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