About Wet and Wild Rentals

We are a local family owned recreation equipment rental business dedicated to providing friendly and affordable service to anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors.

Our Story

As a child I was lucky enough to have a father that loved the outdoors. The fondest memories of my childhood are of me and my dad going boating, camping, jet ski riding, and motorcycle riding. As I got older and money got tighter we lost a lot of our toys and as a result we drifted a little, not doing so many family activities, kind of doing our own thing.

I remember thinking, why isn't there someone out there that provides rentals at affordable prices so we could still do all the things we loved to do as a family but couldn't afford anymore. We couldn't afford a boat but would have loved to rent one for an afternoon. We couldn't afford four wheelers but could afford a weekend rental. I asked my father about this and we looked but had no success finding a company that could accommodate us. As I got older and eventually had a child of my own I found myself remembering all those good times with my pops, and remembering and wishing for a company that would provide rentals at an affordable price.

The inspiration for Wet and Wild Rentals springs from this desire. I convinced my wife that we should go out on a limb and start the company. After much convincing… we decided to do it. We worked hard picking up all the shifts we could at our previous job to save money and start the business from the ground up. Finally after months and months of savings and plans we bought a boat and two wave runners in spring of 2010 and went into business! At first things were tough as we were still small and limited on our equipment, but as time went on we re-invested and re-invested some more and finally we reached our goal of providing a wide variety of outdoors activities at reasonable prices. We now provide all those things that I loved so much as a kid - campers, wave runners, boats, kayaks, atv's, and four wheelers. And if you don't have a truck we will even deliver and set everything up. Wet and Wild rentals was not built solely as a business venture, but more as a labor of love, and community service. We want to provide families with the experiences and memories that last a lifetime!